At Camp Wright, we strive to make each camper's experience a happy, healthy one. We understand that campers will require medical care for a variety of reasons while at camp. We ask families to provide all pertinent medical and behavioral health information on the camper health forms, found here and in the registration packet. During all camp sessions, camper health care is supervised by an RN. During resident camp sessions, and RN, EMT or MD is on site at all times. Additionally, all staff are certified in first aid and CPR. Please speak with your child about his or her health while at camp, and encourage him or her speak with a counselor or visit the nurse when necessary. Camp Wright has standing orders which cover most minor ailments. The camp nurse can provide campers with some over the counter medications, sunscreen, aloe vera gel, bandages, cold drinks of water, and some TLC when necessary.


Illness at Camp

Should a camper need more care than can be provided at Camp Wright, parents will be contacted. Camp Wright also works with an off site physician when additional care is required. If a camper becomes ill, campers may stay in the infirmary for 24 hours under the care of the camp nurse. If the ailment persists or progresses, parents will be contacted to take their child home. Campers may return to camp after they have recovered and are no longer contagious.  

Dietary Needs and Food Allergies

Camp Wright is able to accommodate many dietary needs and restrictions. Please include this information on the health form. We are a peanut free facility. Campers who receive peanut products in care packages, or bring peanut products to camp, will be asked to store them in the office until check-out day. 

Special Needs

Parents of campers with special needs should contact our office sooner rather than later in order to ensure the a safe, fun camp experience. We strive to provide an environment where all children can participate fully in the camp experience, and we work closely with families to provide accommodations for children with special needs. Due to our staffing structure and rustic facilities, not all special needs can be accommodated. Please call to schedule a camp tour and information session to see if Camp Wright might be for you.

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